Zetas Helping Other People Excel is the National Service Program of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc. An interactive holistic multidimensional outreach program designed to enhance, cultivate and empower participants to develop health promoting lifestyle choices across the lifespan. Specific to the population groups; Women, Youth, Seniors, Men, and International Women of Color. Z-HOPE is implemented across the United States and in selected International countries. Chapters are encouraged to collaborate with existing community organizations and resources to provide optimal quality programs that provide maximum impact.


When one reviews the conditions of "Black America”, it is evident that there still is much work needed to eliminate the disparities that are presented. Even though, as a society, we have technological advances, we, as a people, continue to experience more preventable diseases and ills. There is no dispute that a person's health (physical, mental, and spiritual) impacts one’s ability to work, live, love and enjoy life. Zeta strives to increase awareness and prevention, as it should either decrease occurrences or lessen their impact! Empowering people to become active partners in improving the quality of their life is our goal! Information and knowledge in an understandable manner is POWER.  We often say "A Good Zeta is a Well-Informed Zeta;" and we hope that rubs off on the community as well.

Z-HOPE’s uniqueness is that Zetas will take the programs/activities to the community-to existing groups rather than rely on people to come to us! Z-HOPE promises to provide culturally appropriate activities in the communities we live to empower and promote HOPE (Helping Other People Excel).